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Homemade ice tea with golden marigold

'Homebrewed ice tea can be bought in more and more places nowadays. The good thing about this tea is that it is not as sweet as ready-made ice tea and therefore it is much healthier. The flowers of Tagetes tenuifolia (golden marigold) have a citruslike taste. Nicely fresh for using it in homemade tea.’


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1 litre of water
high quality loose-leaf tea
fresh ginger
loose golden marigold flowers / flower petals
honey (if you prefer some sweetness)
ice cubes



Bring one litre of water to the boil.

Put about 5 to 7 g of tea leaves in a strainer and allow this to brew for a few minutes.

If desired add some honey.

Remove the strainer and add a few slices of ginger, some lime sections and a few golden marigold flower petals to the tea.

Allow the tea to cool off, first on the kitchen work top and later on in the fridge.

When the tea is properly cool, pour it through a sieve.

Serve the tea with ice cubes, a slice of lime and some golden marigold flowers.

The more ginger, lime and flowers are added, the stronger the flavour will be.

If the tea is too strong, just add some more water.