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Edible flowers Lavendel

Lavandula, commonly known as lavender, is a lovely fragrant, drought- and sun-tolerant perennial subshrub. It is recommended to annually prune these plants up to 10 cm above the soil, from mid-March.

Lavender originates from the Mediterranean and south- and eastwards of that area.

Lavender was already used in ancient times by the Greeks and Romans, to cure all kinds of ailments. Nowadays, lavender is used e.g. in the cosmetics industry, in detergents and soaps, as flavouring in the food industry and as an insect repellent. Additionally, lavender oil is used for all kinds of medicinal purposes. Lavender flowers or leaves can be used in all kinds of dishes such as compotes, marinades, cookies, pies, bread, ice-cream, fish dishes and lemonades.

Lavender has a sweet and very strong taste.