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Tagetes tenuifolia or golden marigold is an annual plant that belongs to the Compositae family (Asteraceae). The long blooming and floriferous plant reaches a height of 20 – 30 centimetres. The fresh green, feather-shaped leaves have laciniate edges. Tagetes tenuifolia is a productive plant for potting and blooms abundantly from June to November. The golden marigold is very popular among insects.

Tagetes tenuifolia naturally grows along riverbanks from Mexico all the way into Colombia.

The flower(petal)s and leaves are edible and nice in tea, salads and marinades. Used sparingly the flower petals are also suitable for decorating fruit salads, desserts and ice cream.

The flower’s flavour is spicy and slightly bitter and it reminds one of citrus peel with a rich and sweet aroma.